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Alaminos City mayor Hernani Braganza initiated school-based internet hub to interconnect with baranggays -making Alaminos the first WI-FI city in the country. The  Education without Borders thru Wireless Internet-based Governance System (ED-WINGS) is just a start of an ongoing plan to further advance in technology in the area.

This milestone is to hit two birds at the same time; one is to provide  more computer laboratories to all public schools in Alaminos, as well as connecting local baranggays in these school-based hubs. This is a very ingeneous way to make information desimination, education and ordinances readily-available online. A proof that any governement official can be a catalyst of change, at least for his city.

What Sec. Luistro commented is correct, school divisions which has great support from the local government are more likely to be competitive, updated with the latest technology and can produce well performing students. As a former school teacher, I know that assistance from the city mayor uplifts not only the morale of public school teachers and administrators; it does wonders in the over-all school community as well. We all hope that this plan see thorough full implementation. May other mayors in this country take modernization of education top of their priority list.
Setting-up is one thing, maintainance is another story. A wide network infrustructure such as this one requires skilled IT administrators, a reliable server, updated security and as well as enough storage facility to meet the demands of a growing network. Web safety measures should be strictly enforced to assure the most secured online environment  possible for students and government employees. Thus, consistent upgrade is what I really hope to see in this city for the next years to come.
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