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Internet in general and Social Web in particular is a potent tool that can build our brand. But this force, if misused whether out of ignorance or otherwise, can hurt an individual and an organization.

In one of my training sessions, while discussing with managers how to protect their personal and corporate brands, I thought why not empower the parents as well to protect their kids online?

Conducting a seminar for parents, IMO, is worth pursuing.  So I shared this to my online buddies, then an offer of help and support came in. Among the first who thought the project makes sense is Chay Saputil, the principal consultant of Chimes Consulting. She’s instrumental in the realization of this project. I also shared the burden to another friend, Carlo Ople,  and he finds the project worthy and agreed to speak in one of the topics. More friends have contributed to pursue this project and I will name them in the succeeding posts to give proper recognition.

What I hope to share in this post  is our belief that Filipino parents need not experience the horror of their foreign counterparts when their kids where either killed or abused because of their online activity. We can prevent that by sharing with our advocacy today. Join our facebook community, Keep Your Kids Safe Online