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a question about cyber bullying

From various sources, including wikipedia, there are key elements to look at before an online behavior is to be considered as Cyber bullying, these are:

  1. Use of technology
  2. Deliberate effort
  3. Repeated effort and
  4. Hostility towards the subject

Furthermore, the term “cyber bullying” is most often used for minors. While cyber harassment and stalking are referred” to adults, the underlying behavior  and objective is the same. The application of the terms change when an adult is involved (reference : http://kidshealth.org/parent/positive/talk/cyberbullying.html).

In reference to the question above, the behavior may not be considered bullying or harassment unless the four elements mentioned above are present. Special consideration to item number 4 since the individuals’ right to freely express his thoughts and opinion should not be construed as hostility.

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