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We held a Cyber Bullying Awareness and Prevention seminar for the grade 8 students of Immaculate Concepcion Academy during their week long “MAD” (Making A Difference) for Peace , an online safety campaign. September 5, 2012. During the talk, I asked the students if any of them were bullied online, to my surprise, 1/3 of the class raised their hand. It was also interesting to note the platform used was twitter, contrary to my opinion that Facebook is the common venue for bullying. We had fun exchanging ideas with the opinionated students as they gave their reaction to the online behavior of an 11 year old girl and shared the effects of cyber bullying to them. Here are some of the photos:

Cyber Bullying in the Philippines is still an unaddressed concern in most cases, but with the information campaign and talks spearheaded by schools, like ICA, responsible use of social media by student will reduce this problem.