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The roadshow is sitll on-going for the campaign for “the responsible use of social media  and cyber bullying awareness and prevention”.  WSPH Director and Founder Sonnie Santos participated on the launch of VOICE ONLINE, an initiative of TIP Manila editorial team of TIP VOICE.

Here are some of the pics:


An Article from TIP Voice.

With the objective of the official school and student publication of Technological Institute of the Philippines-Manila to serve the community, the editorial board and staff initiated a one-day seminar and launching of VOICE ONLINE for the awareness of all TIPians on responsible use of social media, September 21, Casal Seminar Room – TIP Manila campus.

Mr. Sonnie Santos, the Director and Founder of WebSafety Philippines and Ms Jasmine Shewakramani from Gma News TV , the guest speakers shared the importance and use of social media in today’s generation.

Mr. Santos tackled the core concept of responsible social media and discussed about cyber crimes such as cyber bullying (for minors) and cyber harassment (for adults).

On the other hand Ms  Shewakramani imparted the concept of their GMA News TV’s advocay,  Think before You Click.

After the discussion of the two speakers, the attendees were given chance to ask questions. It was followed by the countdown for the launching of the VOICE ONLINE spearheaded by Brandon Louise Medrano, Managing Editor.

Voice Online is an advocacy campaign which aims to support the responsible use of social media through the use of the social networking sites (e.g Facebook and Twitter). The TIP Voice-Manila  created accounts on the said social networking sites named VOICE Online to encourage the TIP Community to be responsible in posting of their status and tweets on Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

Through this online campaign, we can remind the TIP students in the responsible use of social media. Little by little, the TIPians’ support will encourage other universities to promote the same advocacy.  With this, we can get access to a healthier, more friendly and caring online community everyone wants to have.

“Let your VOICE be heard ONLINE! http://www.facebook.com/TIPVoiceOnline

The journey begins now. Support the first ever advocacy campaign of Tip Voice Manila. The VOICE ONLINE aims to raise social awareness about the responsible use of social media. Support us by liking our official page and share it to your friends. Let your voices be heard ONLINE!

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