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WSPH visited Global City Innovative College in BGC, Taguig City in a open for all, two-part seminar. The first part  was entitled,  “Protecting Yourself from Cyber Crime & Bullying” had Maribeth Oliver as the resource person. This event is a joint project of the school’s IT and Accounting departments.

Highlights of the seminar:

  • Define what cyber crimes and cyber bullying are;
  • Identify different types of cyber crimes;
  • Effects of cyber-bullying to victims;
  • Measures on how to safe guard ourselved from these crimes in social networks, email, eCommerce, and other user accounts.

One question raised by a student was “If a business, (whether it is porn or gambling) is online, does it mean  the site is legit? Ms. Oliver’s response was, no. Ideally a website is just a shopping window of a business. It is just to give internet users an idea about the brick and mortar business. Customers will need to go to the physical store of the company to transact business. However, since the internet has grown interactive, the website has developed a business model (or life) of its own, uncontrolled by any governing body. Following that thought, any website that does not have any land line number or physical address that customers can reach to, especially if they are offering illegal products and services, the site is generally fly-by-night. A legitimate website adheres to laws of their country of origin and at the same time have a physical address and/or can be reachable by phone.