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We have  been advocating cyber wellness for the 3rd year now, and part of the campaign is to educate parents, nannies, teachers and school admin on how to keep kids safe online and how to raise responsible netizens. Technology and social media is evolving rapidly and kids are adopting very well. Unfortunately, our institutions are not. We don’t have a cyber crime law in place, local ordinances are not addressing the liberalities of internet cafe’s, not all schools have a internet oriented values program.

It’s cool that Ariva invited us to give a keynote talk about this on their Parenting Summit, we can spread the advocacy.



In a nutshell, “digital parenting” is about 1] Increasing Our Online Intelligence as parents and 2] How do we use this to raise and protect our kids online. You can read about Online Intelligence in my Yahoo! Column SafetyNet, and more about Digital Parenting at  Tattoo@Home’s SURF SAFE page.



See you on at Mega Trade Hall for the Parenting Summit.