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For quite a time now, I am being asked why I keep the web safety seminars for free. Friends say people shy away from free seminars, because they think it is of no value, or it is only a ploy to sell them something at the end.

Well, our attendance for the last 2 seminars are not bad, and we have attracted professionals and entrepreneurs ha, 90% complete strangers. Yes we have some drop out, but hey that’s normal. In every event, paid or not, you should expect at least 2o % from attendees backing out.

And we did not sell any product, if fact we gave away what we received.

Allow me to post below the common Q’s I get from participants and friends alike, and my answers. This will serve as my disclosure and FAQ, ha ha.

1st Q: Why free?

If we get sponsors, we’ll pass it on for free.

Free is cool! Freely give, and you’ll freely receive.  You may ask, where did I get that shit… it’s from the Bible and it’s not a shit. That’s an alternative business model, and it is built upon trust and relationship.

Consider this, I just thought of this project with no budget at all. What I have is just an idea , I presented this to my online buddies. Half of those who offered help I do not even know personally, common friends just connected us.

You offered your product [idea] for free and so what did you get in return? Hmm, let me enumerate.

For the July 10, 2o10 event:

  • Free venue [Microsoft]: 2 collapsible rooms that can accommodate 100 pax each. 2 multi-media projectors per room
  • Free tourist bus  [GW Cars]: to transport participants from north area to venue and vice versa
  • Freebies from donors: T-shirt, Drinks and GC’s
  • Free talents: emcees from training event organizers, voice talent, photographers, etc
  • Free  advertisement at a leading broadsheet

For the August 14, 2010 event

  • Free venue [Victory Center]: 75 pax, capacity, LED TV, Multimedia, holding room, and great dinner from the hosts
  • Freebies from donors: Drinks, Edutoys, and GC’s
  • Free talents: emcee, a TV host, voice talent, photographers, etc.
  • Free media exposure: 2 FM radio guesting, article exposure at a major news network

And what do sponsors/donors get in return? 1 requested not to mention a direct competitor in my teaching, majority wanted brand exposure but 1 donor did not request anything in return [but of course, I gave them the exposure they deserve]. That group primarily believed on the cause and  commercial value is just second

So what do volunteers get in return? A thank you from me and whatever blessings that come in, we spread the wealth commensurate to each one’s contribution.

2nd Q: Do I expect to earn?

Of course! Either thru the sponsors, or if there is none, thru the seminar participants.

3rd Q: Are you against paid training/event?

Nope, am not against paid trainings because 1] I accept invitations to speak for paid trainings and 2] I am also involve in organizing paid events/trainings.

4th Q: Will you keep the web safety seminar for free?

If there are sponsors, we can hold seminars for free. If there is none, we will have to charge.

5th Q: So you’re not into selling?

We are all involve in sales, my advocacy is also a product that you have to agree [buy], so there is selling. If you are referring to a “specific brand” behind this advocacy, please be assured that myself and this advocacy is not owned by any brand, I can partner with other brands on a per project basis, but there will be no hard selling.

If you are also thinking that the seminar is only a teaser and if people want more, they have to pay. Just attend in any of my free seminars [promo run or advocacy related] and see for yourself if it is only a teaser.

6th Q: What if people want to give you money after attending your seminar?

I’m not a moron, we will receive it and bless the giver.

7th Q: If groups will invite you to bring this seminar to them? Will you give it for free?

It depends on the requirements and the module that they will avail. It’s either honorarium or a fixed PF.

More disclosures will be added here as more Qs are asked and as the advocacy evolves.