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I received an email promoting an interesting infographic, from onlineedication.net, about the effect of social media to students. The data reflected not only the obvious but also interesting findings. Check it out and  let me know if these are also true for the Filipino students.

Per socialbakers.com, 61% of Facebook users in the Philippines are aged 13-24, perhaps 90% or more of these are students [with 21 as the graduating age].

In the absence of cyber wellness program in “most” schools/universities, Department of Education [Dep Ed] and Commission on Higher Education [CHED], our young people are left alone to fend for themselves in the ‘tsunami’ of social media. To date, Web Safety PH is still the only group spearheading cyber wellness and internet safety campaign in the Philippines.

Now this question deserve an objective answer:

Is Social Media Good or Bad for Students?

Obsessed with Facebook

Now what do you think?