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Parents, there is a better way to give your kids “facebook like” experience than to alter their birthday  [bad example IMHO] or let them use your account. I got the link from Chay in her Facebook account.

Introducing Togetherville…

According to Mashable:

Togetherville is meant to offer a more colorful and safe Facebook-like experience for kids ages six to ten (though any child under 13 can become a member), and it includes parents in the entire experience.

“Grownups” can sign up using a Facebook account. They then create an account for a child and help connect the child to real-world friends by pulling data and relationships from the adult’s own Facebook social graph. Parents can easily find the children of their adult friends and connect them to their child on Togetherville. Parents also have complete control over who communicates with their children and can share the child’s activities with their friends on Facebook.

Once an account has been created, a kid can comment on and “like” content from friends on his or her very own age-appropriate activity wall. The wall also allows for posting pre-fabricated “quips” selected from kid-friendly categories like “LOL.” Of course, kids can also participate in fun activities such as art projects, compete in games against one another or watch on-site videos. The site also encourages parents and chidren to use it together for a more educational experience.

I set up an account for my daughter who requested for an FB account for the last 2 years, she’s enjoying the games and videos, and sends sweet messages and virtual gifts. What I found cooler is the email I receive from togertherville detailing the online activities of my daughter.

If you have an FB account, it’s easy to sign in and to create an account for your kids. Try it, so far, I find it kid and parent friendly.

To read the complete review by Mashable, go here. To try the site go to Togetherville.com