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Foursquare for Windows Phone 7

Yes, location based social networking sites, like “foursquare.com” and “facebook places” can work for your safety too, if we will use it wisely. Though I dont have a documented case yet to prove my point, this is my belief.

As I always share in my  talks , TV and Radio guestings, social media is a neutral tool w/c can be used to build or hurt ourselves and other people. Thus, it is important to use social media responsibly, as the popular saying nowadays in the online community, think before you click.

Location-based social networking sites can make the lives of your online stalkers easy if  you guys will not be prudent on it’s use. “Checking-in” without thinking can put you at risk, but with the smart use of these tools, you can leave a digital audit trail if something happens.

The principle is no different when you write down the plate number of the cab a friend or relative, rode.

Allow me to share then, my practice in using location-based services:

  • As much as possible, I don’t give the details. i.e. instead of checking in “at cinema 4 of MOA and watching abcd movie”, I will just check-in at “MOA” [stalkers will have a hard time locating you in that mall, lols]
  • I only check-in when I am about to leave the place.

I don’t give details because love ones knew my itinerary for the day. But I leave digital trail so in case something bad happens, my family and the police will not have a hard time looking into my situation.

Do you agree that this will help? Any tips you want to share?