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Video games spawned a new challenge for parents because it has the potential to disrupt normal routine affecting studies and social development of kids.

Just how addictive digital gaming can be? Check this old picture circulating on the web, allegedly taken after the “Ondoy” floods.

We will discuss how we can safeguard our kids on the next article, meantime, lets familiarize ourselves on the gaming world and how these games can help in kid’s growth.

For purposes of simplicity, lets classify video games into three:

  • Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games [MMORPG] ,like “Dota”
  • RPG which means [Role Playing Games] like “Final Fantasy” and
  • Simulation Games like “Sims”.

All these games can be played in a computer, as long as you have the software, and game consoles. But MMORPG can only be played if you are connected online.  Game cards can be bought separately to unlock special gaming tools. Gaming cafés are preferred venue for kids who want to play as group even though they have internet access at home.

Other games, like “Tetris Battle”, are developed for social networking sites, like Facebook, by third party developers.

According to some experts, Digital games are not necessarily harmful; according to online magazine, “Raise Smart Kid” these can bring positive effects too. The good effects of gaming can be as follows:

  • Video games give brain workout.  Some mental skills that can be developed are:
  • Video games provide an opportunity for you and your kid to play together.
  • Video games can make learning fun.
  • Video games can improve your kid’s decision-making speed.
  • Playing video games is safer than having your teens do drugs, alcohol and street racing in the real world.

As parent, being involved with our kids gaming activities can ensure balance growth and development. And with the help of “surf safe” tools, we can prevent online gaming addiction.

You can read the whole article by Raise Smart Kids on this link: