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Update: GMA 7 embraced our advocacy and launched   “think before you click” campaign

If the story on CNN is correct, a teen age dude decided to kill himself after learning his sexual encounter with another man was webcast  live  courtesy of 2 fellow students who allegedly placed a secret camera on his room.

Some believed the act was an invasion of privacy, others think it is a case of cyberbullying.

The two perpetuators, perhaps did not think it will lead to death because the intention is just to bully him. Well, it just did, and a young life was wasted because of irresponsible use of social web.

As I have discussed on many occassions, social web is a neutral but powerful tool. It can be used to add value, or destroy. And in this story, it’s a negative illustration with a very sad ending. While we cannot prevent people from misusing social web, I believe with proper education, we can protect ourselves  from others and ourselves. Let’s use social media responsibly 😀