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Update 8/28/22: Changes discussed on this post has been rolled out [at least in my FB account]

I was suppose to re-visit the privacy settings of my FB account [I do this regularly BTW, lols] when I noticed this:

Looks like Facebook has responded to user complaints and will roll out changes to address trust issues on handling users information. Of the upcoming changes, I found the following as most useful in protecting our privacy.

  • When others tag you in photo, video or post, eventually, you will have the last say before it is published in your wall.
  • After you have published a post, and suddenly there was a need to hide it from certain people, eventually you can edit and hide these post. At present,  we delete the post and lose all the comments and likes.
  • Soon, you’ll have a button on the upper right corner of your wall that says “view profile as..” to check how other users see your wall/profile.
  • And the simplest innovation, in my opinion, is the “inline control. Currently, the control on who sees what in your profile is “buried” in several pages. Eventually, an “inline menu or drop down icon” will appear beside every content, or info of your profile to give you control and set who sees what.

There are more changes ready to roll out, but I discussed only those that are relevant to our cyber wellness.  Do you think this changes can address trust issues?