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If you think by clicking a link posted in your wall is harmless, think again.

Malicious application from Facebook are not all meant to take over your account, but it is risky enough to damage your online reputation. Most of this Apps appeal to either your curiosity [ like who viewed your profile or who unfriended you] or sensuality [like beach bunnies] . Normally, by clicking the link, you are giving permission to the developer to peek and harvest information from your profile and your friend’s account. You may feel bad about it but that is normal in Facebook. You want to use an app, share your info. The currency is always your personal info [and your friends] before you can use a 3rd party application, and this is a normal practice in Facebook. But what is harmful is when these application will post in your behalf spammy posts containing the malicious links with not so wholesome pictures in the wall of your  friends or engage your friends in a chat conversation.

Though your friends are not idiots and can decipher the post or chat is not from you, but  if they often receive spammy post from your account, you will be known as person that easily falls fray to sensuality.

This is where the harm is done . Thinking twice and clarifying first from a friend if indeed the link and post is from them is like looking at both directions of the road before crossing. Always keep in mind your online reputation.

Be safe, be smart online.


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