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My husband and I grabbed the chance to attend the free Keep Your Kids Safe Online parenting seminar organized by Web Safety Philippines last August 14, 2010 at the Victory Center in Greenhills. Most people in our circle of friends think that I and my husband (who’s in the IT industry, by the way) are already that tech-savvy considering what we do for a living. Nevertheless, we were surprised to learn that we still had much to do in terms of keeping our son safe in his online activities.

The great aspects about this seminar is all the real world examples that come along with the topics at hand.  Sonnie shared with us a family that had just put too much information out there on the internet and was being harassed online.  And even Chay shared with us the specifics of how to navigate the sometimes complicated means of protecting your kids online.  She’s a windows expert, and she’s using much of her expertise in providing information on how to use the available services that both Microsoft and Apple has with their operating systems in order to protect your children. Carlo shared his gaming experience and how we can use our passion for productivity. There were some great tips that I didn’t even know, so I’m sure these would also come as a wonderful surprise to parents.

– Rochelle Sy Chua- Hearty’s Heaven