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Patinikan 2012 Essay Competition English

As promised in my last U.P. Tangway post, I will be publishing the winning entries of their Patinikan 2012 edition. Below is the champ for the English category of the essay writing contest
Student:  Kristine  Grace  A.  Austria  
School:  Colegio  de  San  Juan  de  Letran  
“Is  Social  Media  helpful  or  not?”
How  does  social  media  affect  us  Filipinos?  Social  media  sites?  What  are  social  media  sites?  Is  that  a  food  that  can  be  brought  in  our  school  cafeteria?  A  movie  that  won  an  Oscars?  A  book  that  is  authored  by  William  Shakespeare?  A  thing  that  we  see  everytime  we  glance  at  our  bags?  Or  a  feeling  that   come   from   the   bottom   of   our   hearts?   No!   These   are   the   lately   applications   that   you   can   do  everything  and  anything  you  want  by  the  use  of  internet  or  I  mean  “Cyberspace”  wherein  majority  of  the  Filipinos,  especially  the  teenagers  are  deeply  attracted.  
Nowadays,  most  teenagers  are  having  a  hard  time  finishing  their  homeworks,  doing  schoolworks  in  their  houses  during  school  days  or  I  mean  even  weekdays.  As  a  student,  it’s  kinda  boring  if  you’re  just always  doing  those  works  even  when  you’re  at  home.  Most  especially,  as  a  child  or  as  a  person  you, youself  still  need  a  break  to  make  your  life  happier  and  enjoying  life  to  its  fullest.  Due  to  this  kind  of  habit  or  everyday  practice,  people  lately  are  forgetting  the  importance  of  the  word  “studying”.  They  give  more  attention  to  those  so-­‐called  social  media  sites  that  tend  to  affect  most  of  the  Filipinos.  The  left  and  
right   arousal   of   the   social   media   sites  do   affect   most   of   the   teenagers.   Specifically,   in   their   studies,  habits  and  being  sociable  as  a  person  to  all  the  people  around  you.  
There  are  advantages  and  disadvantages  of  social  media  sites  to  the  Filipino  community.  First,  let  us  define  what  is  the  better  understanding  of  the  Filipinos  when  we  hear  the  world  social  media.  “Social”  means  how  you  conduct  and  how  you  handle  that  something  to  a  person  and  how  you  talk  how you  act  and  how  you  reflect  towards  them.  While  “media”  means,  from  the  word  itself,  it  is  attached  with   the   words   technology,   music,   broadcast,   internet   and   many   more.   Advantages   of   this?   For   the  OFW,  it’s  totally  helpful  when  those  social  media  sites  rise.  They  can  easily  connect  and  talk  to  their  
relatives  to  other  countries  without  using  any  call  cards,  loads,  etc.  In  just  one  click  you  can  directly  talk  and  chat  with  them  through  these  Social  media  sites.  Disadvantages  of  this?  As  I  said  a  while  ago,  these  kind  of  media  can  affect  and  be  distracted  most especially  to  the  students.  If  they  are  not  handling  it  well,  their  studies  and  future  may  be  ruined  because  these  social  media  sites  by  distractions,  wasting  of  time  surfing  the  net  instead  of  reviewing  school  reviewers.  
Social  media  sites  such  as  Facebook,  Twitter,  Tumbl,  etc.  are  the  famous  sites  that  teenagers  are  kinda  in  touch  with  it.  Most  of  these  sites  are  invented  by  Americans,  British  and  Japanese  as  well.  Social  media  effects  can  sometimes  be  good  or  bad.  But  in  our  case  today,  Filipinos  are  affected  when  it  comes  to  Social  Medias  because  of  their  agendas  that  might  be  good  or  not.  For  an  example,  the  lately  news  about  Cybercrime  Prevention  Act  of  2012  or  Cybercrime  Law  has  affect  the  Filipinos  a  lot.  Shocked,  anger  and  nervous  are  the  words  that  fitly  describes  the  Filipinos’  feelings  when  PNoy  agreed  in  the  implantation  of  the  said  law.  In  that  case,  we  all  see  how  the  whole  Filipino  community  have  been  reacted.  And  Yes!  An  evidence!  That  is  an  evidence  of  how  the  Filipino  is  affected  by  social  media  sites.  
We  all  know  that  once  you’ve  enter  the  cyberspace  all  your  activities  can  be  seen  by  the  whole  Filipino.  That’s  why  in  every  step  you’re  doing  everytime  you’re  engaged  with  internet,  be  careful  and  always   think.   Your   actions,   will   reflect   unto   you   that   may   affect   you,   yourself!   That   can   also   affect  people,  me!  The  whole  Filipino  community!  
Always  remember,  “THINK  BEFORE  YOU  CLICK