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Google recognizes the need for a more secured and kid-friendly environment while surfing the net. Since Google is the World’s most-used search engine, we parents might want to take advantage of its web safety enhancements.

Web Of Trust (WOT)– a Google browser plugin available to Chrome browser. WOT warns you about risky sites that cheat customers, deliver malware or send spam. It works great by popping out a warning message when you are about to enter a site that has been marked as a potential danger to your computer data. To add this to your Chrome, simply download the extension and install as computer admin user.

Google Browser Setting  SafeSearch. -Not a plugin but a safety feature. This puts the browser on different security modes for your young users. All you need to do is to login and hit Settings >Search Settings  on the top-right of the browser. Scroll all the way down so you can see the SafeSearch Filter option. Choose from the options: Strict Filtering, Moderate and no Filter. This feature only filters search results when your kids make a query on Google. The only disadvantage is that users need to be logged into Google using any Gmail username and password, otherwise it wont work. If you are using diffident Gmail accounts then you also have to set SafeSearch on each of them.

SafeSearch Lock-to avoid other users from removing your SafeSearch settings, you can lock it up by using a password. Just set the password on the same SafeSearch Settings. Once the lock is on, you can see a prompt on the top of the screen “SafeSearch is locked”. You will also see colored balls (see image below) on the browser which will tell you that the settings are engaged -you can clearly see it with one glance even is you are far end of the room.


Being safe online starts with simple measures. Protect yourself and family against phishing, malware (virus) attacks and illegal/explicit content. Try any of these features now.