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Sec. Tiu and Sonnie Santos after the Cyber Wellness session

The opening salvo for  season 2 of  Watcha Webtrap! “roadshow” was held at Commission of Appointments with Secretary Tiu himself in attendance. Though t’was a rainy and gloomy morning, employees of CA trooped to their auditorium for their Monday flag ceremony on July 11, 2011. Immediately after the flag raising, I was given the opportunity to discuss one of our new modules on cyber wellness- the professional’s edition. Prior to this seminar, season 2 commenced with TV guesting at Unang Hirit and Reporter’s Notebook

To our new subscribers, watcha webtrap! is the brand we coined last year to identify our cyber wellness seminars intended for parents. Last year, we conducted a total of 20 seminars in different schools, parents and youth organizations. The training module later evolved and added the youth, professionals, corporate, nanny and cyber bullying edition. We believed that by educating the intended participants, a change of mindset, will lead to a changed behavior. We discussed about online threats brought about by smart phones, increasing internet penetration rate, popularity of social media in the Philippines. The purpose of the seminars is to educate them  on how to protect themselves and their family from online dangers.

The CA employees are privileged to have a liberal policy on social computing because access to social networking sites are not blocked. Thus, by understanding how their online behavior can affect them, their employer and family, they will take steps to ensure productivity is not lost in the workplace and their online reputation and family is safe.

Digital, online, web and internet safety is everyone’s business. In the absence of cyber crime law in the Philippines, our best defense is cyber wellness education. For more info about the cyber wellness seminars, please visit the Watcha Webtrap! cyber wellness page of WSPH Biz or  send email to seminars[at]wsph[dot]biz or call us at 02-994-8520

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