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A few days after the 1st run of Watcha Webtrap! Professional’s Edition,  at the Commission on Appointments, season 2 continued with the the maiden offering of the Corporate Edition at Crown Regency Hotel on July 13, 2011.

A handful of participants came from the academe, IT, manufacturing/sales and government. The objective of the session is to help hr/admin set up an appropriate  program for their organization. By doing so, HR is not only protecting the interest of the company, but of the employees and their families too.

The session was deemed timely because of the recent wave of crimes emanating from  the irresponsible use of social media. Likewise, the session confirmed the need to equip our schools to handle cyber bullying cases. Together with online addiction, it will be one of the major problem our Dep Ed and school administrators should prepare for.

Cyber wellness is meant to protect the organization from the threat to life and property.

Digital, online, web and internet safety is everyone’s business. In the absence of cyber crime law in the Philippines, our best defense is cyber wellness education. For more info about the cyber wellness seminars, please visit the Watcha Webtrap!  cyber wellness page of WSPH Biz or send email to seminars[at]wsph[dot]biz or call us at 02- 994-8520