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I wrote about the  SOPA/PIPA in my other blog, and it attracted some attention of media because of it’s possible effects to online biz in the Philippines. But can SOPA/PIPA affect online safety and wellness?

The  SOPA/PIPA is value neutral.

It’s objective appears to be value positive because  it aims to protect US economy.  Primarily being pushed by creative artists, movie and music producers, authors and publishers whose creative works are stolen online. And  because  the internet has no boundaries, piracy has become easier and US laws cannot run after them.

But the proposed action plan:

  • to run after  legit biz in the US, like Google and Facebook, for the copyright violation of its users, and
  • to block access of US online community to sites outside US shores are perceived to becopyright violators or tolerant to such.

was controversial, thus, became value negative because of the possible curtailment of the freedom of expression.

Though the objective indirectly helps online users become responsible netizens consistent with our cyber wellness advocacy, but the proposed courses of action needs to be revisited.