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Cyber Wellness at Pangasinan ICT Congress

  The province of Pangasinan, because of  it’s leader, Gov. Amado T. Espino Jr. and his Social Media Team, is recognized as one of the cities in the Philippines who is adopting well with web 2.0. Proof to that is the holding of “Pangasinan Digital...

Collaborating with Manila Local Government

  I was a resident, voter and tax payer of Manila. Therefore, when I was invited to participate in Manila’s web safety campaign, it was a great pleasure ! I was pleased to meet Councilor Niño Dela Cruz, a councilor pushing for cyber wellness awareness...

Collaborating With QC Local Government

We are not only collaborating with PNP CIDG, but we will be working too with Councilor Alfred Vargas in drafting a proactive ordinance that will engage internet cafe operators in QC. Advocating for cyber wellness is FUN.