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As of this writing, the HR Exec. who bullied and slapped an MMDA personnel apologized in public and sought forgiveness. Though the MMDA chair accepted the apology for the alleged disrespect to MMDA authority, he is resolved to pursue the case and the victim himself would like justice to take its due course. The general public is less forgiving too, given the news report that a bottle of mineral water was thrown to the perpetuator.

Is he being bullied?

IMO, this is a unique situation and the reaction of the public is being justified by his abusive behavior. But  since there are laws in place to deal with his actions, going after the guy outside the bounds of the law may also be construed as bullying.

More of my thoughts on the article below.

source: http://www.interaksyon.com/infotech/carabuena-vs-social-media-is-it-cyber-justice-or-cyberbullying [click image to read online]