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In my post yesterday, we discussed about McAfee’s prediction on cyber threats for 2011. Today, allow me to share Symantecs [the company behind Norton AV’s] security predictions for 2011:

New Technologies, New Challenges

As technologies become smarter and faster, the threats to these technological assets follow suit. For example, the exponential consumer adoption of smart mobile devices will increasingly result in these devices making their way into enterprises through the back door, blurring the lines between business and personal use, and driving new IT security models to market in 2011.

Gap in Virtual Machine Protection

A similar challenge exists with the widespread adoption of virtualization. Although many companies believe the information and applications within their virtual infrastructure are protected, many IT administrators will face the harsh reality that they are not in 2011. The rapid adoption, fragmented implementation and lack of standardization of virtual infrastructures will continue to expose gaps in the security, backup and high availability of virtual environments. Although virtualization decreases server costs, organizations are realizing that virtualization is simultaneously increasing management and storage costs, and without a plan to protect these environments, they may not realize the full return on investment.

Taking Control of Information

As data goes “mobile” and becomes less centralized, regulators will start cracking down in 2011, which will drive organizations to increasingly implement encryption technologies, particularly for mobile devices.

You can read the complete report at www.symantec.com or go here