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image courtesy of trojanremovalguide.com

The supertrojan named SpyZeus is believed to be just on the shadows and are ready to attack.

These new specie is a result of the merging of two of the most feared but competing malwares, SpyEye and ZeuSTwo. It looks like cybercrooks also  realized the power of collaboration and synergy, thus, by joining forces, effecting a greater damage is not unlikely.

Reported by FoxNews.com, “Conventional security solutions will find it hard to detect and handle this type of new threat,” wrote fraud expert Aviv Raff . ZeuS is considered king of the botnets, having been used to hack the websites of such reputable groups as Bank of America, NASA, and Amazon. SpyEye surfaced last year, with many assuming it would become the next ZeuS — and now in a way, it has.

“Just be aware,” Alex Cox, principal research analyst at network-security firm NetWitness, also advised FoxNews.com. “There should always be a red flag when you’re using a computer at home and you are asked for something that your login doesn’t normally ask you for. That should give you a heads up that something’s awry.”