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Sonnie Conducting Watcha Webtrap! For Parents @ WWCF

Some have asked for the difference of our web safety module for parents, and that for  the youth, and if it matters when one attended the track intended for the other one.

While we prefer that they attend  their designate session for unmoderated discussion, we do not shoo away participants.

Allow me to share with you, in this 2 part series the difference between the tracks we run for parents and the youth, and we will start with the parents edition.

So what do they  take home after the seminar? They will learn how to feed(s) their kids.

  • F-ilter : Parents has to use the available free tools online to [1] regulate use of the internet, set and limit time of use of computer,  and [2] block  access to harmful sites. There are built-in parental control for all Apple computers, but for Windows, only Vista and Windows 7 and up has this feature. If it happens that your machine is not equipped with this, you can download  Norton’s FREE Online Family Safety tool. To restrict access to harmful sites on the web, open a FREE account on Open DNS and you can configure either the machine or the router to regulate access. The router, to regulate access using your network regardless of the device they are using. The device, to regulate access to harmful sites using the same device regardless of the network they are using. I also recommend installing a browser advisor in your preferred browser.
  • E-ngage: Parents should exert effort in making themselves relevant to the present pop culture of their kids and make a meaningful connection
  • E-ducate: This portion will not be effective unless the first E is established.
  • D-iscipline: Aside from the F aspect of discipline, parents are encourage to establish a reward system before granting the wishes of their kids, i.e. new gadget
  • S-et an example and spiritual leadership : kids will not do what we say, but they will emulate the examples we set before them. The culture of our society is a mirror of what transpire inside our home.

On Watcha Webtrap! (2), we will discuss our module on how kids can protect themselves on social web. The Watcha Webtrap! is the signature seminar of Web Safety Philippines and being presented by Business Values 2.0.

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