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Update 1/11/11 : We just concluded the 14th Run of Watcha Webtrap at St. Jude Catholic School, the 15th run will be on Jan. 22, 2011 at Christ’s Gospel Fellowship.


image from US National Cyber Security Awareness Month

If you are following the tech news lately, you will notice 2 things: [1] Interacting with strangers is getting easier, you can engage a stranger to a video chat  randomly and anonymously, using an i-phone or a web browser,  this, without registration requirements, hmmm, I see yellow lights ahead. And [2] more and more people are falling victim to cyber bullying, social engineering, cons, identity thieves and other form of online scams.

  1. Last night, I heard a teen age boy was arrested for uploading nude pics in facebook of a girl, whom he seduced to send him her nude pics, but refused to have sex with him. The girl was said to be a victim of social engineering.
  2. There was also this network executive who has fallen victim to  an identity thief, after the perpetuator opened a facebook account for  the  victim, he connected to his real life colleagues and friends, and soon after gaining their trust, sent them lewd pictures.
  3. And, there was this college dude who committed suicide after his sexual act with another boy was webcast live without his knowledge. A case of cyberbullying. [You may want to read cyberbullying in the Philippines]
  4. Almost half of cybercrimes committed in the Philippines remain unresolved, according to a GMA report.
  5. While ABS CBN reported that sex traffickers are turning to Facebook for prospective victims.

I am browsing the tweets of the topics and people I follow when the cyber security awareness month [observed yearly every October] in the US caught my attention. So I made a little Googling and surprised to find that every June, they also have a National Internet Safety Month.

I guess it’s about time that we lobby with our own Gov’t. to declare similar observance in the Philippines.

The internet penetration rate in the Philippines is steadily growing, and according to the latest survey, mobile internet is also on the rise. With these, increase of victims on online scams, social engineering and cybercrimes will be on the rise too. Do take note that majority of the perpetuators are tech savvy and understand their craft. They know how to victimize people and stay anonymous most of the time.

It’s about time we educate everyone how to be safe and stay safe in their online life.

  1. For parents to protect their family.
  2. For professionals and entrepreneurs to protect their brand.
  3. For the youth to protect their future.

We are doing our part with our seminars, with this blog, with our slidecasts and videos, and with our other activities. But this is a shared responsibility, and we need everyone’s help.

Our next public seminar is on October 23, 2010 at the lecture room 5th Floor, Waltermart Makati.