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August 28 was a learning day, at least  for me. I was enlightened on the following:

  • I witnessed a genuine love of a missionary from Germany for underprivileged Filipino kids. She’s living in the heart of Pasay, can speak fluent Filipino language and has been in the Philippines for the last 9 years.
  • Kids, regardless of economic status, are facebook, online games and webcam/chat literate.
  • Parents can actually save if they will subscribe to the lowest internet plan, or pre-paid wireless dongle if they’ll add up the daily expenses of kids in internet cafes.
  • Parents are alike, in the sense that they’re clueless in their kids online activity

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Though the venue is a little bit humid, we had a great time. Kids are so active and participative, while their parents are reflecting on the risks we have discussed.

We are thankful for CHRIMI for tirelessly supporting the advocacy by providing goodies for raffle. We are thankful also for the Philippine Alliance Christian School for the venue, and SPECS foundation for the invitation.

On Aug 31, we are up again in another learning experience as we bring the advocacy in the heart of Makati.