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Last year has been a good year for Web Safety PH, the idea started on June 2010 and  with the help of Facebook buddies, the project jumpstarted  and we had the 1st seminar on July 10 at Microsoft Philippines Auditorium. By the end of 2010, these are our accomplishments:

  1. 13 Seminars, including the one at South Cotabato and Sta. Rosa Laguna
  2. The parenting seminar concept evolved and a youth version was added.
  3. Before the end of the year, the professional edition of watcha webtrap! was soft launched with the test run of Online Reputation Management and HR 2.o .
  4. We had 2 radio guestings, 2 tv guestings, and 9 news articles written both in online news sites and in  broadsheets
  5. The best part is, we were recognized as one of the top blogs of 2010 by Philippine Blog Awards, and even included in the directory of Global Resource Information Directory- Family Safety Online Institute

This year and beyond, we will expand our horizon and dream a little bit. We intend to collaborate with Government and the private sector on the following:

With the Gov’t. we intend to:

  1. Collaborate on the crafting of cyber related laws
  2. Collaborate for the inclusion of online gmrc and web safety guidelines beginning 3rd grade of primary education.
  3. Develop a program for a “web safety certified seal” [similar to iso thingy]

With Schools:

  1. Partner with them for anti cyber bullying program.

    With Private Corporations:

    1. Partnership with IT company to develop  exercises or games promoting web safety.
    2. Partnership with comics writer and publishing house for cyber safety comics and posters
    3. Partnership with companies for producing web safety related anime.
    4. Partnership with companies for the production and selling of merchandise, i.e tees, mugs, caps with web safety PH logo.
    5. We also intend to provide corporate training programs also on web safety to cater to corporate needs.

    And still do what we started doing, roadshow to youth groups, parent orgs, schools and churches for the watcha webtrap seminars. We intend to offer more watcha webtrap! for professionals this year.

    We are excited! The good LORD has been good to us.

    Interested to support or join us? Just drop us a note and we will reply to you soon.