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Safety Chatting For Kids

    Online chatting, video or text based, is one online activity that parents should pay attention to. Find out why with the article written below with the expert opinion of this writer.                    ...

Infographics: Bullying/ Cyber Bullying

  I wonder what is the present state of these  issues here in the Philippines? Cyber bullying remains under reported, but inquiry about cyber bullying: relevant stats, victims, school policy and proactive approach serves as the highest source of traffic referred...

Cyber Bullying Victim Speaks

  Cyber bullying in the Philippines is a growing threat. “Growing”, because internet penetration rate is increasing and access is becoming easy. A “threat” because as of this writing, we have no law that will address that, and majority of...

Face Off With Internet Dangers

  Yahoo! Online Safety Ambassador, Sonnie Santos, shared his thoughts on this article by Manila Bulletin  on how to combat internet dangers from the practical point of view. You can read the article HERE.