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Cyber bullying in the Philippines is a growing threat. “Growing”, because internet penetration rate is increasing and access is becoming easy. A “threat” because as of this writing, we have no law that will address that, and majority of schools don’t seem to have a concrete program yet.

Cyber bullying remains under reported in the Philippines since no parents and school would like to be the face of a cyber bully victim here, and no school would like it’s image to be tarnished.

It’s a welcome move that a victim would like to share her story of cyber bullying. This happened when she was still in High School, but she’s a junior college student as of this taping.

In a nutshell, cyber bullying, cyber harassment, and cyber stalking originated from the same behavior whose intention is to use internet . social media, and mobile communication to harass, attack and strip the victim of self worth.  The difference lies on the “age” of the parties involved. Bullying are for minors, if an adult is involved, it falls under harassment. Stalking involves offline activities.