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image courtesy of Comsight

Parents whose kids go to internet cafe’s are more challenged than those whose kids play online games and surf the web at the comfort of their homes.

Though our watcha webtrap! roadshows teach parents the holistic approach of keeping their family safe online, parents whose kids are frequenting internet cafes will find it hard to

  1. Provide guidance on online games
  2. Protect kids from Facebook risks
  3. Filter unsafe sites
  4. Demo internet safety practices and
  5. Prevent web addiction.

This is where, in my opinion, the local Government should come in.

The actions being taken by the local Government of Lucena should be replicated everywhere. But, aside from regulating the time wherein students and minors can avail of the services of an internet cafe’s. An ordinance should be passed to compel internet cafe operators to:

  1. Undergo web safety training
  2. Restrict access of unsafe sites to minors.
    • Porn sites
    • Gambling sites
    • Dating sites
    • Illegal download sites of copyright materials
  3. Provide posters reminding users of  online safety practices on the wall
  4. Offer online games that are age appropriate to the user.

Internet cafe operators and the Government should partner with parents in ensuring  kids [online] safety is given priority.