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This is good news for parents and young people, and all  users who are being harassed in Facebook.

Sans the privacy issues where Facebook always embroiled itself in, this new innovation hopes to promote a culture of respect in Facebook. Mashable reported that after the conference at White House, Facebook announced a new suite of tools to protect users from bullying.

Dubbed as social reporting, aside from reporting directly to Facebook offensive materials, the new feature allow users to message directly the other party and to seek help from another person. Please look at the screenshots below:

you can view the complete process and screenshots HERE

According to Facebook, these report flows are in place for everyone on Facebook photos. They plan to extend the functionality to Profiles, Groups, Pages and Events soon.

Though adults are not satisfied with this innovation because it does not resolve adult bullying and harassment . Add to that is the inaction of Facebook to remove reported obscene and hate pages. But this tool is a step towards the right direction to protect minors, it empowers them to seek help and report the person to a person of authority. It also promotes involvement of parents and school admin in dealing with cyber bullying.