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My blog/column at Yahoo! Philippines is now live, with the working title “Safety Net”, yey! Since I am embarking on a mini series for parents on how to keep their family safe online, my maiden post is about “Online Intelligence”. Online Intelligence or  online IQ is the depth of our knowledge of  the “wild wild web”- the benefits and dangers, safety practices and responsible use of social web [think before you click]. Unless a parent, or anyone of us, will go out of our way to level up our online intelligence, we cannot be smart, responsible and stay away from danger. This knowledge will also equip us to guide and protect our family. Anyway, here is the gist of my article at Yahoo! The areas where we need to be vigilant for the cyber wellness of our family.

  • Online reputation damage resulting from untamed sharing on social networking sites. – Idiots don’t need an enemy to destroy their online reputation.
  • Exposure to illicit and violent Internet content- exposure of kids to age inappropriate content
  • Cyber-bullying– use of social networks to bully or insult another person.
  • Online addiction– Addiction to computer games and social networking to the point that other daily responsibilities are neglected.
  • Malware – commonly known as virus that can be responsible for hacking, stealing of personal data and/or damage to data.
  • Identity thieves– someone else will use your identity for personal gain or to destroy you.
  • Privacy issues – sharing too much personal information on the web, and improper configuration of a social networking account.
You can read the rest of the article here: Reboot Your Online Intelligence